In a nutshell...

The Rancho Project is a full-service portal of spontaneous, organic, and communal exchanges, an incubator of core tribal elements where artists, producers, and guests mix and mingle their unique flavors into an alchemy of co-creation. You conceive the idea, we'll provide any combination of the space, set-up, and service. 

The physical...

The physical structure is made of refurbished wood from the beaches of Mexico's Sian Ka'an with the following specifications: 

Interior: 20ft x 50ft
Accommodates up to 110.

With exterior: 40ft x 50 ft
Accommodates up to 150 including interior and patio.

There is a full-service, open-air kitchen for every culinary need as well as communal tables with space for art and dance. The outdoor patio offers shade with a wide window connecting those inside and outside.

The possibilities...

The Rancho offers a unique variety of tailored possibilities in the general areas of Fine Dining, Festivals, Weddings, and Burning Man, specializing in: 

• Aphrodisiac and Chocolate Tastings

• BYOB Happy Hour festivities 

• Workshops

• Sensual Blindfolded Dining Experience 

• The Rancho Crew Interactive Ballet 

• The Flavor of Sound Live Performance 

• Magic Photo Booth 

You will be delighted and inspired at The Rancho with everlasting memories of good taste and spontaneous magic to sustain you on your journey.