In a nutshell...

The Rancho Project is a full-service, food-centric pop-up structure for communal exchanges. It's an incubator of core tribal elements where artists, producers, and guests mix and mingle their unique flavors into an alchemy of co-creation. You conceive the idea, we'll provide any combination of the space, set-up, and service. 

The Rancho is an extension of West Coast festival favorite Giggle Juice Café headed by chef Luca Crostella. It grew out of an experience at the original Rancho near Tulum where the root of collaborative and interactive exchanges was the kitchen. We may have all experienced it--where the kitchen is the place where magic, medicine, and conversations happen. It is the juiciest part of most gatherings.

The physical...

The physical structure is made of refurbished wood, partially from the beaches of Mexico's Sian Ka'an with the following specifications: 

Interior: 20ft x 50ft
Accommodates up to 110.

With exterior: 40ft x 50 ft
Accommodates up to 150 including interior and patio.

There is an open-air kitchen as well as communal tables with space for art and dance. The outdoor patio offers shade with a wide window connecting those inside and outside.

The possibilities...

The Rancho offers a unique variety of tailored possibilities in the general areas of Fine Dining, Festivals, Weddings, and Burning Man.

You will be delighted and inspired at The Rancho with everlasting memories of good taste and spontaneous magic to sustain you on your journey.